Software Development Consulting

Absio offers software tools to easily integrate security features directly into applications without needing to be security experts. We also understand that scarce development resources and competing product development priorities can hinder organizations from adopting better application security.

Absio architects, developers and project managers can work alongside your development teams to help you prioritize and add critical security functionality to your software, or provide complete product development services integrating security from the outset, freeing up your developers to work on other high priority projects.


Absio can assist companies with all aspects of software development, including:

  • Research and analysis
  • Establishing product requirements
  • Application architecture and design
  • Product development
  • Absio technology integration
  • Quality assurance and test engineering
  • Creating developer documentation

General Data Protection Regulation Consulting

The GDPR goes into effect on May 25, 2018, and impacts any organization that develops or uses software that stores or processes personal information about EU/UK citizens. Unlike other cybersecurity and privacy regulations, the GDPR does not define compliance methods, nor does it provide templates, guidelines, frameworks, examples or best practices. The GDPR dictates potentially severe penalties and damages for data processors and controllers who fail to adequately control the personal data with which they’ve been entrusted. The all-encompassing scope of this regulation is daunting, leaving many organizations unsure about how best to proceed.

Absio consultants can help organizational leaders understand the GDPR and how it applies to them, as well as document and execute compliant solutions.

Data Security Consulting

Privacy and security regulations around the world increasingly require sensitive data be protected—on every device that stores it and in transit every time it's sent. 

If you develop or use software that creates, processes and/or transmits sensitive data, that software is the ultimate source of your security and compliance problem.


Absio consultants can help organizations map what applications are generating and processing sensitive information, where that information is distributed and stored, and how it is protected throughout the data’s lifecycle. With a comprehensive data map, organizations can then prioritize finding solutions for the highest risk data, and build out a complete data security plan to minimize threats and reduce risks to revenue. 

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