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Your Data, Your Rules

The traditional approach to data security doesn’t protect data, it guards the places where data resides. Network defenses wall off the data center. PC fortifications deter malware attacks. Encrypted tunnels protect data in motion. But when data leaves the perimeter or perimeter measures fail, the data itself remains vulnerable.

No longer.

Absio technology enables applications to build self-defending, self-directing data. By putting easy-to-use yet highly advanced cryptography tools in the hands of developers, Absio empowers software programmers to apply persistent data protections to any data created in or processed by their applications.

And because the control features are applied directly to the data object, the protections follow wherever that data goes.


"It is not about the networks, it is about the data.
It is the data that is valuable, and it is the data that is risky."

– Gus Hunt, Absio Director & Former CTO, Central Intelligence Agency


How Absio Creates Self-Defending Data

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Absio Technology

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Software Development Kits

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Absio Broker

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Absio Hardware

Secures data at creation

Encrypts data on endpoints

Affordable & easy to implement

Does not degrade performance

Cross-language support

No third-party access

No specialized hardware required

No cryptography expertise required

// application level encryption & authentication

Persistent Data Security
and Control

Absio offers an easy-to-implement, flexible solution to protect any form of data throughout its lifecycle.

When data is encrypted at the application level—which happens on the device, server or browser where the application runs—it is then protected everywhere it goes.

  • Applications
  • Disks
  • File structures
  • Databases
  • In transit through a network

With Absio, you protect data at creation, rather than trying to secure it everywhere it eventually may be.

// security key management

Flexible Features.
Use Only What You Need.

Integrate any or all of the following features with a few lines of code:

Automatic Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Generate a unique set of private and public key pairs for each device, system or application user
  • Private keys are automatically encrypted, and public keys can be shared using Absio Broker, out-of-band or directly by your application
Distributed Key Generation
  • Locally generate keys for digital signing, authentication, data integrity verification and encryption
  • Enable applications to natively perform key management without needing to call an external service
  • Can support offline and limited connectivity environments
Cross-Platform, OS-Independent Cryptography
  • FIPS-compliant, OS-independent encryption and decryption, source and integrity authentication and pseudonymization using one code base
  • All cryptographic operations are compatible across the various SDK languages
Secure Message and Key Exchange
  • Generate portable key or data blobs that are individually encrypted for each owner or recipient
  • Can be used to securely exchange keys or one-way messages regardless of whether the transmission channel is secure
Encrypted Data Objects
  • Transform any type of data generated or processed by your application or service into a secure data object individually encrypted with a unique key
  • Bind metadata from any source to the data content, enabling applications to consume and act on the metadata anywhere the data exists (e.g., digital rights management rules, data classification, audit history, etc.)
Flexible Key and Data Management
  • Encrypted keys and data objects can be stored wherever needed to support the security, usability and performance requirements of your application
  • Supports centralized, distributed, multi-cloud and hybrid architectures
  • Out of the box options for local, obfuscated storage and centralized management by the Absio Broker application

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Flexible Licensing

Absio’s SDKs are free to download and use in your development environment. Licensing fees only apply when the software is made available to your end users or deployed to a production environment. We understand that every software project is different and so we strive to find a licensing arrangement that best supports your business and delivery model. Typically we license our technology per application, but we are happy to negotiate alternative terms based on your intended use (e.g., per user, per instance, revenue %, etc.). We also offer volume and multi-application discounts.

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