Data security technology and services

Absio provides the technology you need to build data protection directly into your software by default, and the design and development services you need to make it happen on time and on budget


Enabling developers to easily build cross-platform key management and encryption directly into software

Originally developed to secure intelligence information in a battlefield environment where connections might be intermittent or completely unavailable, Absio’s software-defined, key management and Serverless Encryption® technology functions across platforms and devices without requiring a connection to a central server. A simple API enables software developers with no cryptography expertise to quickly and inexpensively add key management and data-level encryption to new and existing software without having to separately manage keys and certificates, buy and maintain hardware, or rely on a third-party service.

Absio’s developer toolset consists of multi-language software development kits (SDKs), and the optional Absio Broker™ application, that enable automatic PKI-based authentication, key generation and management, encryption and decryption, access and use controls, and data integrity verification with the addition of a few lines of code. Absio's flexible architecture can support virtually any data security use case, dramatically expanding the operating environments and use cases for encryption.

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// C#
var sensitiveData = new byte[] {'a', 'b', 'c'};
var access = new ContainerAccessLevel[]
{new ContainerAccessLevel(userId)};
var securedContainer = await provider.CreateAsync
(sensitiveData, accessLevels: access);

// JavaScript
const sensitiveData = new Buffer('a', 'b', 'c');
const containerId = await securedContainer.create
(sensitiveData, { access: 'userId' });

// Python
container = absio.container.create(
  content=open('/some/sensitive/data.bin', 'rb').read(),

// Java
byte[] sensitiveData = new byte[] {'a', 'b', 'c'};
ArrayList<Access> accesses = new ArrayList<>();
accesses.add(new Access(userIdUUID));
SecuredContainer securedContainer = provider.create
(sensitiveData, "custom header", accesses, "type");


Object-level data encryption without calling a central server, so you can encrypt data anywhere or everywhere


Object-level metadata available wherever the data goes (access, permissions, classification, audit history, etc.)


Automatic PKI and event-driven architecture enable secure sharing between multiple users and synchronization between devices


Data integrity is verified via hash-based message authentication codes, and all keys are signed to provide source verification

Absio Developer Toolset

Absio technology is implemented through multi-language software development kits (SDKs), and the optional Broker™ app, that developers with no data security experience can integrate into their new and existing software applications and services with a few lines of code.