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// Application-level data protection

Move data protection to the top of the stack

Now you can finally give customers everything they want—innovative architectures, impressive features, and comprehensive data control.

// End-to-end encryption software

Your Data, Your Rules

Application-level data security represents a new paradigm in data protection.

  • Supports the software architecture, rather than dictating it
  • Enables better data protection without sacrificing usability and performance
  • Reduces liability and lowers the cost of complying with data security and privacy regulations around the world
  • Shifts security conversations to earlier in the product development lifecycle saving time and money

With Absio, security and privacy don’t have to wait until software goes live. Protection doesn’t have to rely on users’ hardware and customers’ network defenses. Strong data security can be built directly into applications, by default and by design.

// Data Encryption API

Take Control of Your Application Data

Build comprehensive data security and privacy features into software with the ease of calling an API. Absio’s toolkit delivers:


Integrate security within the application to protect data—and the business—without relying on customers’ network defenses or third-party security services.




Leverage security and privacy tools that support your preferred software architecture and scale seamlessly as applications evolve.


Speed & Agility

Speed & Agility

Meet rising privacy and security expectations and strengthen client relationships by reducing their risk and security burden.


Unmatched Protection

Unmatched Protection
// Absio overview

How Absio Simplifies Data Protection

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// Multi-Platform Encryption Software

Any Platform.
Any Architecture.
Any Level of Protection You & Your Customers Need.

The Absio developer toolkit boils military-grade, mobile- and edge-ready data security down to a simple API. Code is available in multiple programming languages and 100% free to download and use. Flexible licensing fees apply only when the software is deployed in a production environment.

// distributed key management

Created for Defense in Dangerous Territory

Absio’s technology was originally developed for battlefield information sharing. Intelligence operatives couldn’t rely on a central repository for encryption key management. Application performance couldn’t be sacrificed. But devices might be compromised at any time.

It’s not so different from today’s environment, where users carry a wealth of business and personal information in their pockets and interact with countless IT systems every day. Their data security and privacy depend on you. Your reputation depends on how well you protect it.

Support & Services Make
Even Easier

Do It Yourself

The Absio development toolkit is ready for DIY. Leverage our extensive library of developer resources to deploy, test, and launch.

Turnkey Deployment

Let us assess your application’s security design, assist you in integrating Absio technology, or provide complete product development outsourcing.