Absio's Developer Toolset enables web, mobile, desktop, cloud-native, server, IoT and other software to automatically create and manage encrypted data

Absio's software-defined, Serverless Encryption® technology can be applied to a wide range of applications and services, running on just about any device, via a simple API. The libraries are available in multiple languages to support cross-platform software development. If application data needs to be used on multiple devices by multiple users, the Absio SDKs can be combined with the Absio Broker™ application for key and data backup, synchronization and exchange.


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Absio Data Encryption SDKs

Libraries compiled with software code that perform all key generation, encrypt and decrypt processes locally on the device, server or browser where the enabled application or service is running. Available in multiple languages and easily integrated via a simple API.

Absio Broker™ Application

A portable, Python application designed to work with the SDKs to store and route encrypted content and/or keys. An event-driven architecture enables data to be synchronized across devices and platforms. Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

How you can use it

Developers can choose to leverage some or all the key features of the Absio developer toolset. Its flexibility, ease of implementation and integration capabilities support virtually any data security use case.  Here are just a few ways developers could apply Absio technology:

  • Generate and manage keys for PKI and/or symmetric encryption
  • Encrypt data as it’s entered into a web form or application, or processed by a service
  • Bind digital rights information to data that can be enforced offline
  • Secure data objects in a repository or database per privacy and security regulations like GDPR, ITAR, NYFDS, SOX and HIPAA
  • Share sensitive data with users inside or outside your network
  • Individually encrypt data objects in transit to enhance transmission security
  • Protect and systematically ratchet static database keys
  • Ensure data integrity from creation to deletion
  • Enable pseudonymized information sharing and analysis
  • Automatically and securely synchronize data on disparate systems
  • Secure workforce data on endpoint devices without blinding the organization

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Automatic Key Generation & Management

Generate and manage keys for PKI-based authentication and symmetric encryption


Serverless Encryption® 

Encrypt and decrypt data without calling a central server


Flexible Key & Data Storage

Store encrypted content, metadata and/or keys wherever needed per application requirements


Metadata Association

Apply and secure any type of metadata so it is available wherever the data goes