Absio technology can be embedded in your application, service or website to enable automatic key generation and management, cryptography and secure data containerization

Absio’s Software-Defined Distributed Key Cryptography (SDKC) technology functions across platforms and devices with or without connection to a central server, providing strong data security without sacrificing data mobility or availability. Multi-language software development kits (SDKs) enable developers to easily integrate key management and encryption into software without having to add hardware or rely on a third-party service. All key generation and cryptographic processes happen on the device, server or browser running the software. The Absio Broker application can be used with the Absio libraries to back up, store and sync encrypted keys and data across multiple devices.

PKI Authentication

The Absio libraries create an automatic public key infrastructure (PKI) with a unique set of private and public key pairs generated for each device, system or application user. All keys are generated on the device, server or browser running the application, enabling integration with both centralized and distributed architectures (e.g., blockchain).

Distributed Key Management

The Absio libraries can automatically generate and manage keys for digital signing, authentication, data integrity and encryption, enabling your application to natively perform key management without needing to call an external service. All keys are generated on the device, server or browser running the application, not by a remote key server.

Cross-Platform, OS-Independent Cryptography

The Absio libraries handle all cryptographic functions and then provide the appropriate key and/or data object to your application via API methods. The libraries support cross-platform, OS-independent encryption and decryption, source and integrity authentication, and pseudonymization using only FIPS-compliant algorithms. All cryptography is performed at the application level, enabling data security by design and by default.

Secure Messages and Key Exchange

Absio’s Integrated Encryption Scheme generates fully-portable key or data blobs that are individually encrypted for each owner or recipient. The blob contains all the information a user needs to authenticate, validate and decrypt the object. This functionality can be used to exchange keys or secure one-way messages sent between users or systems as an alternative, or in addition to, transmission security.

Secure Data Containers

Absio’s patented containerization process can consume any type of data from your application, service or webpage, and create a secure data container. Each secure data container is encrypted with a unique key. Data container keys are individually encrypted for each user or system that has been given access to the content, allowing granular access and permissions to be added or revoked at any time.

Flexible Storage Options

Encrypted keys and data can be stored wherever needed to support the security, workflow, performance and availability requirements of your application. If data and keys are stored together, they can be protected by Absio’s patented Obfuscating File System—a randomized directory of individually-encrypted, nonsensically-named objects with no identifying attributes.

Absio Technology Benefits

Comprehensive Data Security

  • Automatic key management, key exchange, encryption, source and integrity authentication and pseudonymization

  • FIPS-compliant cryptography

  • Cross-device controls

  • Obfuscated, encrypted data store

Flexible Architecture

  • Cross-platform, OS-independent libraries

  • Flexible key and data storage options

  • Supports offline and limited connectivity environments

  • Associate metadata from existing information systems

  • Selectively utilize only the functionality you need

Easy to Implement

  • Simple API in multiple programming languages

  • No additional hardware required

  • No cryptography expertise needed

  • No need to trust or rely on a third-party service

  • Complementary Broker application for automatic key and data backup, storage and exchange


  • Method and Apparatus for Providing Content – 8,751,799

  • Secure Data Storage – 8,627,104

  • Secure Data Storage – 9,104,888