Absio offers an easy-to-implement, flexible encryption solution that protects any form of data throughout its lifecycle—from creation to deletion, everywhere it exists

Absio's software-defined, Serverless Encryption® technology functions across platforms and devices without requiring connection to a central server, providing strong data security without sacrificing data mobility or availability. Multi-language software development kits (SDKs) enable developers to easily integrate automatic key management and data-level encryption into new and existing software applications and services with a few lines of code. No need to separately manage keys and certificates, add hardware, or rely on a third-party service.

Automatic Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

The Absio SDK automatically generates a unique ID and private/public key pairs for each user (human or system). Private keys are automatically stored in an encrypted key file. If data needs to be shared between users, public keys can be sent to the Absio Broker™ application to enable authentication and key exchange, or managed directly by your application or service.

Key Generation and Management

The Absio SDK automatically generates keys for PKI-based authentication and data-level encryption. All keys are generated on the device, server or browser running the application or service using the SDK, not by a central key server. Keys can be stored and managed by the Absio SDK, or directly by your application or service.

Encryption and Decryption

The Absio SDK consumes data from an application, service or webpage, and creates an Absio Secured Container. Each data container has a unique encryption key, and a copy of that key is uniquely encrypted for each user who has been given access. Only authorized users have the ability to decrypt the secret keys needed to view the unencrypted data content.

Flexible Key and Data Storage

Absio Secured Containers, data container keys, private key files and public keys can be stored wherever needed to support the data security, workflow, performance and availability requirements of your software. If data containers and keys are stored together locally, they can be protected by Absio’s patented Obfuscating File System—a randomized directory of individually-encrypted, nonsensically-named objects with no identifying attributes.

Absio Technology Benefits

Comprehensive Data Security

  • Automatic key generation and management
  • Object-level encryption and decryption without calling a central server
  • User-specific data access and permissions
  • Content and metadata integrity and availability everywhere

Flexible Architecture

  • Flexible key and data storage options
  • Associate metadata from existing information systems
  • Can be implemented selectively or incrementally
  • No need to trust or rely on a third-party service

Easy to Implement

  • Simple API
  • No keys to generate or manage
  • No additional hardware required
  • No cryptography expertise needed

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