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Absio technology enables web, mobile, desktop, server, IoT and other software to automatically create, authenticate and manage encrypted data

Absio's software libraries can be applied to a wide range of applications and services, running on just about any device, via a simple API. The software packages are integrated into the application software, so the app natively performs the functions without needing to call or rely on an external service. The libraries are available in multiple software languages to support cross-platform software development. If application data needs to be used on multiple devices by multiple users, Absio’s software libraries can be combined with the Absio Broker application for key and data backup, synchronization and exchange.


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Absio Data Encryption SDKs

Libraries compiled with software code that perform all key generation and cryptographic processes locally on the device, server or browser where the enabled application or service is running. Available in multiple languages and easily integrated via a simple API.

Absio Broker Application

A portable, Python application designed to work with the SDKs to store and route encrypted content and/or keys. An event-driven architecture enables data to be synchronized across devices and platforms. Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Why application-level security?

  • Stop software from creating new data at risk by encrypting it prior to storage or transmission

  • True end-to-end protection throughout the data’s lifecycle without relying on any “middlemen” 

  • Data security by design and by default

  • Protect existing data as it is processed to reduce your exposure over time

“We need to add data encryption as a feature of our software, but we don’t have the time or resources to build it from scratch and don’t want to rely on a third-party service…”

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How you can use it

Developers can choose to leverage some or all the functionality of the Absio Key Management and Data Encryption SDKs. Their flexibility, ease of implementation and integration capabilities dramatically expand the operating environments and use cases for cryptography.


Manage Keys

Generate and manage cryptographic keys for digital signing, authentication, data integrity and encryption


Secure Messages

Protect the integrity and confidentiality of communications regardless of whether the connection is secure


Secure Data Containers

Protect and manage content shared with users across platforms and devices