Western Cyber Exchange Partners with Absio to Offer Members Secure Email Solution

May 10, 2016 – (Colorado Springs, CO) Western Cyber Exchange (WCX) has partnered with Absio, a local software development company specializing in enterprise data security solutions, to provide its members a secure communication platform that can be used to exchange critical cyber threat information.

Absio Dispatch® is a multi-platform email application that makes it easy to protect sensitive communications by automatically encrypting every message and attachment, and maintaining that encryption everywhere—on the sender’s device, in transit, in the cloud, and on the recipient’s device. In addition, senders can control what their recipients can do with the emails they receive (e.g. prevent forward, print, etc.) and how long they have access to the information. Dispatch also enables users to control who can send messages to them, thus preventing email phishing and spear phishing attacks that account for over 90% of the malware that gets into enterprise networks.

“We regularly exchange critical threat information with our members that we simply don’t want to become widely available. Email is the most efficient means we have to share this information, because everyone has it and already knows how to use it. However, standard email is an information security threat vector in itself. By using Absio Dispatch, we are able to easily distribute and discuss sensitive information with our members knowing that those communications are automatically sent and stored secure everywhere, and that those we are exchanging data with are who they say they are,” said Michael Semmens, Chairman of WCX.

All WCX members will be provided a free email address and Dispatch account as a member benefit to enable secure two-way communications between WCX and its members. In addition, Absio is offering exclusive discounts to WCX members who want to deploy Absio Dispatch more broadly throughout their own organizations.

To learn more about Absio Dispatch, please visit

About Western Cyber Exchange
Western Cyber Exchange is a non-profit, member organization established in 2010 to support increased levels of cybersecurity in industry and government. The mission of the Western Cyber Exchange (WCX) is to increase the security of the cyber domain for communities and industry within the critical infrastructure through the sharing of threat intelligence and data, education and training for workforce development, and supporting the advancement of cyber related technology through research and development activity. WCX is collaborating with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security DHS, the Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (DIB ISAC), and the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), and several other states to establish a national network for cyber threat information and intelligence sharing and cyber capability development. For more information, go to

About Absio Corporation
Absio provides a new approach to information security—the ability to secure and control your data everywhere, all the time, even on someone else’s network or device. Originally developed to secure and control Army intelligence data, Absio’s patented technology enables any software application to persistently secure and control its unstructured data (files) while in storage, in transit, and in use on any system or device. Built using Absio technology, Dispatch® is an easy-to-use, multi-platform email application that automatically secures messages and attachments everywhere they exist, and enables senders to control what their recipients can do with the emails once accessed. The Dispatch application is available as a plug-in to Outlook® for Windows®, and as a standalone email application for Windows, Mac®, iOS®, and Android™ devices. For additional information, please visit

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