Absio Data Encryption SDKs

The Absio SDKs can be licensed per developer or per instance depending on who performs the development, and the number of locations where the production application(s) containing the libraries will be installed. We work closely with our customers to ensure our pricing is complementary to their business model wherever possible.

Volume and multiple language discounts are available. Contact us if you would like a custom quote for your organization.

Developer License

Per developer. Customer performs development.

Developers Price Discount
First language


Additional languages


50% Discount

Other License Options

Customer or Absio performs development. Please contact Absio for pricing information.

Developers Price Discount

Absio Broker Application

The Absio Broker application is licensed per instance. You need a license for each physical or virtual instance that is hosted in a separate environment, and/or that contains unique data.

First Instance


Additional Instances