Absio Launches Data Encryption Toolkit for Web Applications

Absio Corporation (Absio), a Colorado-based software development company, announced today that it has released a data encryption toolkit that enables developers to easily build encryption directly into their web applications. Applications enabled with the Absio SDKs automatically encrypt each data object created or processed on the server or browser where the web application is running. A simple API enables software developers with no cryptography expertise to quickly and inexpensively add data encryption to legacy and new applications with a few lines of code.

“GDPR, ITAR, NYDFS, PSD2, HIPAA, SOX and similar regulations require sensitive and/or personal data to be secure and private, everywhere the data goes. This sensitive data is generated and processed by software applications running on a wide array of devices and servers,” said Rob Kilgore, President and CEO of Absio Corporation. “Absio technology enables these software applications to produce data that is inherently compliant, because it is automatically protected in storage and in transit, everywhere, all the time.”

Originally developed to secure intelligence information in a battlefield environment, Absio’s developer toolset consists of multi-language software development kits (SDKs), and the optional Absio Broker™ application, that enable automatic PKI-based authentication and data-level encryption without having to manage keys and certificates, buy and maintain hardware, or rely on a third-party service. Absio SDKs are currently available for JavaScript and Node.js. More languages are currently in development and will be released later this year.

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About Absio Corporation

Absio provides a new approach to information security—the ability to secure and control your data everywhere, all the time. Current cybersecurity technologies focus on indirectly controlling the environments that house data in storage and in transit, but do nothing to directly control the data itself. Absio’s patented technology enables automatic, persistent control of data in storage, in transit and in use, making your information only accessible and usable according to your rules.