Secure and control your data everywhere, all the time.

Finally, you can have complete control over your data, wherever it goeswhether in storage, in transit, or in useeven on someone else’s device. Founded on years of experience creating secure, digital messaging and communications solutions, Absio offers a simple and intuitive way to implement comprehensive security and control over all your digital data.

Absio Technology

Your data, your rules

Virtually all approaches to cybersecurity focus on changing the environment where valuable data is stored, attempting to make the data harder to get. Those approaches have consistently failed, because data is designed to be mobile. Protecting data requires us to change the nature of the data itself, not just its environment.

Absio provides a new approach to information securitythe ability to secure and control your data everywhere, all the time. Our patented technology builds controls into each data object, where any use or exchange of the data is at the owner's discretion. Each data object is individually encrypted and is further stored in an obfuscating file system—where even the filenames don’t indicate what the object contains. And, since all encryption is handled on your device, we never have access to your password or encryption keys.

Originally developed to encrypt and control military intelligence information, Absio now offers its technology commercially through a suite of software tools enabling developers to easily add data-centric security and control to their applications. 

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Our technology converts any file into an Intelligent Digital Object (IDO), which contains authoritative, identifying and control metadata.

Access, action and time-based controls are cryptographically bound to each data object at the time of creation.

Each data object is individually encrypted with its own unique key before it is stored or shared.

Each individually-encrypted data object is stored in an obfuscated file system, which masks the data object's file name and type.

Absio Dispatch is an easy-to-use, multi-platform email application that automatically secures and controls messages and attachments everywhere they exist, with enterprise administration and archiving capabilities.


What if there was a breach and nobody cared? It's time to rethink data security.

No amount of investment in cybersecurity can prevent breaches. In a world where data is becoming increasingly mobile, it is fundamentally impossible to ensure no one can access your data. Our only hope is to make breaches irrelevant, where accessing data in a way not desired by the owner yields nothing of valuewhere if there is a breach nobody cares. The only way to do that is to give owners of data the ability to establish and enforce rules for if, how and when their data can be used once it is accessed. And those rules have to persist wherever the data may go.

It’s not about the networks, it’s about the data. It’s the data that’s valuable, and it’s the data that’s risky.
— Gus Hunt, former CTO, CIA (2012)
De-Risking Unstructured Data