Businesses use email every day to store, distribute, and discuss sensitive information. Now there is an easy-to-use email application that automatically secures your private conversations and shared files—all the time, everywhere they exist—and allows you to control how your confidential information is used and redistributed by your colleagues, vendors and business associates.

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Dispatch is our easy-to-use email application that allows seamless control and encryption of all messages and attached files without changing the way you use email everyday.


Use right within your Outlook email client, or through our easy-to-use, standalone desktop and mobile apps.

Automatic encryption in transit and in storage on the sender's device, in the cloud, and on the recipient's device.


Control forward, copy, save, print, reply all, and expiration of Dispatch messages and attachments.

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How it works


You compose a Dispatch message and select what, if any, controls you want to place on the message and attachments.


Upon sending, your Dispatch message is automatically encrypted on your device before being transmitted to your recipient.


The encrypted Dispatch message is sent to your recipient via an encrypted Internet connection.


The Dispatch message is stored encrypted on your recipient’s device automatically and is only decrypted when viewed with the Dispatch app.


Your encrypted Dispatch messages and attachments are stored on our server to allow syncing across multiple devices.


We never have access to your password or encryption keys, so we can’t read your Dispatch messages or enable anyone else to do so.

How you can use it


Send and discuss confidential business materials with other corporate executives and board members via email knowing that all messages will be sent and stored encrypted everywhere.



Discuss patient treatment plans with other healthcare service providers, and prove that all correspondence was encrypted in transit and in storage on all sender and recipient devices.


Business Networks

Share critical information with your network of partners, manufacturers and service providers all over the world, and control how the information is used and distributed.


Financial Services

Differentiate your services by providing a secure way for your clients to initiate communications with you without changing the way they use email today.


HR & Accounting

Securely distribute confidential employee and company documents to upper management and trusted advisors without fear of unauthorized access or unintentional redistribution.




Discuss confidential legal matters with clients and partners with a secure archive of all messages for e-discovery.