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Easily add data-centric security and control to your software

Absio offers a low-code, cross-platform ecosystem for securely storing, transmitting, and sharing data both inside and outside a network, enabling software developers to integrate powerful security features directly into the applications they build without needing to become security experts. Absio technology is available as a suite of software development kits (SDKs) and an optional server application that can be hosted by the organization on-premise or in the cloud. Absio SDKs are available in C#, JavaScript and Node.js, and can be used as a library or to create command line utilities or services depending on the specific requirements of the application . Using a few simple method calls, software developers can add the following capabilities to new or existing applications:


Object-level encryption of data at rest and in transit

The Absio SDK enables applications to output encrypted data by default, generating a distinct encryption key for each digital object created, processed or shared by the application. All data is encrypted on the device running the SDK-enabled application and is only transmitted in encrypted form via an encrypted TLS connection. Content encryption keys can be stored in an encrypted database on the device running the SDK-enabled application or in another database location, so that applications don't have to call a central server to decrypt content stored on the device. This enables object-level encryption to be used without introducing significant latency to application processes, and provides offline access to encrypted content previously downloaded to a device.


Automatic key management and exchange

The Absio SDK handles all key generation, management and exchange for an application. Using an automatic, public key infrastructure process, the Absio SDK generates a private and public key pair for each system user to be used for authentication and derivation of shared keys. The SDK sends the public results of the cryptographic processes to the Absio server application, enabling data to be shared both inside and outside the organization regardless of domain or network. Shared encrypted files can either be stored by the server application or in another file repository for access by shared users.  If Absio hosts the Server application, it never has access to the content encryption keys needed to decrypt user content. Access to shared information can be revoked at any time.


Object-level data usage and lifespan controls

The Absio SDK can apply control metadata generated by an application to each data object that dictates what happens to the information payload once accessed by an authenticated user. The control metadata is cryptographically bound to the data objects, so that the controls persist with the data everywhere it resides. Absio technology is designed to support a wide range of access, action, location and time-based controls depending on the type of data and application being used.


All these features can be implemented without negatively impacting application performance, restricting existing application logic, or degrading user experience. Never before have so many capabilities been bundled into one simple security solution, without needing to rely on a third-party service provider. At its core, security is a software problem. Let Absio show you how to solve that problem in a cost-effective way. For additional information on Absio Developer Tools, please contact us.

Easily Build Security Into Your Applications
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