Developer Tools

The Absio Developer Toolset consists of cross platform-capable software development kits (SDKs), each with a simple application programming interface (API), and a portable server application (Absio Server Application).

Absio Technology can be applied to any type of application that generates, processes or stores data using a few simple method calls. All communication with the Absio Server Application is handled by the SDK methods, so no separate API calls are required.


Absio Software Development Kits


Absio Server Application

(Accessed via SDKs; hosted by organization)






  • Automatic key generation, management and exchange


Object-level data encryption and decryption


Object-level metadata


  • Local obfuscated, encrypted data and key storage


  • Control permissions to view, modify, decrypt, upload and download data and metadata


  • Easily exchange data and keys between
  • users or systems

Back Up

Store backup copies of data and keys


  • Track and distribute key and data events

How you can use it

Developers can choose to leverage some or all the key features of the Absio developer toolset. How the SDKs are applied is limited only by a developer’s imagination. Their flexibility, ease of implementation and integration capabilities support virtually any data security or data sharing use case.  Here are just a few ways developers could apply Absio technology:

  • — Encrypt data as it’s entered into a web form or application
  • — Bind digital rights information to data that can be enforced offline
  • — Encrypt each data object in a repository
  • — Securely share data with users inside or outside your network
  • — Secure JSON from database to web front-end
  • — Protect and systematically ratchet static database keys
  • — Enhance transmission security
  • — Ensure data integrity from creation to deletion
  • — Enable anonymized information sharing and analysis
  • — Protect employee data without blinding the organization
  • — Provide secure data storage services without access to client keys
  • — Automatically and securely replicate data on disparate systems



Absio SDK

The Absio SDKs are licensed per developer/year based on the number of SDK languages utilized and the number of applications that will consume the SDK. Site licenses are available for organizations that produce multiple applications in a wide array of programming languages.


Absio Server Application

The Absio Server application is licensed per instance/year.